HomeSchooling Initiative

By Sanidas Academy


If you’ve thought about home-schooling but don't have the time, energy, and academic resources?

We are proud to present to you, the turnkey solution to your children’s education.


What we offer:

  • Complete 180 day school year worth of curriculum

  • No glass ceilings

    • Have your child realize his/her full potential

  • State Test Prep

    • All state tests can and will be taken as per your request

  • The answer:

Student: Teacher ratio


  • Curriculum Speed:


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Subject Breakdown


  • Slow and meticulous approach to concepts + the building of a sturdy foundation

  • Dynamic/full speed approach to progressing through topics when the student shows signs of “pulling” for more difficult concepts and displays a complete understanding of previous concepts

  • Most of you have already seen what we are capable of here.  Our students in the after school program boast almost a 100% rate of 3-4 on the mathematics portion of their report card after only having math with us 2 times a week for 3 hours.


  • Split into the two elements of English we deem most important:

    • -The extended research of and understanding of the English language through all mediums

      • -The creative process and how writing is relevant in today’s world


  • Student curiosity induced curriculum supported by the many amazing science education companies we are partnering with for hands-on work.

  • No limit on what can and can’t be studied.  Budget allocation for sciences, history, technology, etc. will be chosen by the student _ parent coordination

  • Trips to museums + labs in colleges and more


  • Focused on specific people in history to bring a personal connection and understanding of historical events through more the one filter

  • Sporadic approach to micro-lessons and larger periods of topic focus depending on student’s interests.


  • Endless hours of simplifying collegiate level concepts for our students as well as the focus on pencil studies

  • With the introduction of art mechanics on the iPad pro and other tablet devices, we are moving towards a digital art age.  This will be where our focus lies and why we are choosing to focus on pencil control/tactile function


  • The exposure of our children to technology of any sort is an integral component of our curriculum

  • Sparking a need for knowledge in this manner and allowing them the tools to achieve understanding will stop restraining our young ones and their aspirations

  • Students’ curiosity dictates major events such as large robotics or programming learning blocks.

  • Typing proficiency from a young age

  • Computer savvy technically, understanding computer/iPad controls + commands

  • Extended focus on “singularity” and our students’ ability to research/be independent with the help of the internet and other resources that will be readily available

Physical education

  • Sanidas Academy partners up with local businesses such as Hind’s Gym, a martial arts and physical education gymnasium directly next-door.

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The pedagogy we adopt at Sanidas Academy allows us to change alongside the predicted markets, sciences, and vectors of all elements of life on planet Earth.  We approach education, and epistemology, as observant and malleable life-long students. With these values we can continue to provide you with education that is not just excellent, but relevant.

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