3 BIG things to focus on with your child!

A positive ratio for job openings vs unemployment is upon us for the first time in over a DECADE. What does this mean for your child?

In 2018 the U.S. reached an unprecedented data point when unemployment levels met job opening levels at around 6.5 million. Now in 2019 job openings have risen to over 1 million more than the number of unemployed people.  

What’s causing this? Why do 80% of employers plan to hire fresh college graduates this year? Maybe it’s not the graduates that are at risk here…


Job openings have been going up steadily for quite some time in our country and yet hiring has stayed relatively the same. Could it be that people are just not meeting the criteria necessary to obtain and keep jobs?  

As our market changes and jobs are taken away by automation, many people fail to look at the statistics showing how many jobs will be created. The numbers are skewed and no one can truly be sure, but there is definitely a constant amongst researchers stating that new jobs are coming our way; Many, many new jobs.  

So what does the market look like right now? Let’s organize the data in a few bullet points:

  • People are quitting their jobs more frequently than ever before.

  • Stats about reasons for quitting show that these people are quitting their jobs for higher paying jobs more often than not.

  • This shows that the demand at the top of the job market (usually STEM fields) is increasing.

  • The more basic part of the job market is being replaced by more efficient machines and robots.

  • This leaves only room for middle and upper level jobs that generally require a high level of knowledge in technical and creative fields (education), as well as a well nurtured “at capacity IQ”.

  • People are not choosing unemployment.  Companies are just hiring for more intellectually demanding positions than ever before and people don’t meet the criteria.

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So!  Let’s make sure that we understand the To-Dos with your kids! 

  1. Keep the kiddos educated!  

    • Focus on non-dying fields of work (we’ll go over these fields in another newsletter)

  2. Teach them things you know.  

    • Forget homework or let a tutor do the work for you. Common Core is on it’s way out and another circus is coming to town soon.  If you keep trying to keep up with this you’re going to be missing valuable time to teach valuable lessons. Make sure to focus more on what you know best. Teach them intricate complex tasks you do every day (especially if they are difficult to automate).

  3. (THE BIG THREE) Creativity, Productivity and Organization.

    • These are the most marketable qualities that will permeate any job description. Work on these things more than plus or minus, vocabulary or writing. 

    • Remember! Organization, productivity, and creativity are genetic to an extent but need to be nurtured from a young age.  

Fun Fact:  Entry-level law and medical work is highly automatable!

Prediction: Law school and Medical school either see a massive change in curriculum and job focus or face a supply based decrease in tuition prices.  

Imagine a world where a child tells a parent, “I want to be a doctor!” and the parent quickly snaps back, “No daughter of mine will be a doctor! Social media influencer is what you’re going to Harvard for!” -lol

-Mr. S

Stavros Sanidas