Day Camp Full Day (9 am - 3 pm)

Our Technology and Design Day Camp is an innovative and comprehensive approach to education, focused on divergent thinking through creativity and technology. Students start off the day with self-reading time and meditation.  They then transition into the day's lesson plan from there. The kids have lunchtime at 11 pm and continue the day's lesson with team building activities.

  • Mathematics

  • IQ Building

  • Grammar and Vocabulary

  • Memory Expansion

  • Health Sciences/Anatomy

  • Breathing and Meditation

  • Spatial Awareness Visualization

  • Philosophy

  • Social and Emotional intelligence

  • Studio Art

  • Hue and Color Placement

  • Observational Drawing

  • Story Boarding

  • Elements of Art and Design

  • Localized History

  • Novel/Fiction Writing

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